Olga Sinilnikova CIMBA fellowships

On 30th June 2014, we lost a very valued colleague and friend, Olga Sinilnikova.
Olga contributed an enormous amount to CIMBA in a variety of ways, particularly through her extensive work on BRCA1/2 mutation classification and the submission of over 3700 BRCA1/2 mutation carriers to CIMBA.

The Olga Sinilnikova CIMBA Fellowships are available to CIMBA members and are financed by a fund set up in her honour.
OLGA SINILNIKOVA CIMBA Fellowships are aimed at providing partial or complete funding for members of CIMBA to visit another CIMBA member. The funds could be used to learn laboratory or analytical techniques to use for analysis of CIMBA data, or to actually carry out CIMBA-related research.

Application for travel funds to attend CIMBA meetings will also be considered, especially from Russia or economically disadvantaged countries. If you would like to submit an application please complete the application form.
The deadline for applications for this year is 1 November 2019.

Previous successful applicants are (2015) Juliette Coignard from Institut Curie, France, (2016) Edenir Palmero from Barretos Cancer Hospital, Brazil, and (2017) Keivan Majidzadeh from Moatamed Cancer Institute, Iran.